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01 Aug 09 The All-New Jaguar XJ Display — Illegal?

Jaguar XJ There is so much to love about the brand new Jaguar XJ, to be honest, I did not know just how much there was to love but right now – I do.  The console is one of the reasons why the Jaguar XJ is going to be my newest dream car and while it might be illegal in the US right now, I think that they will get away with it anyway – it’s Jaguar, come on now.  Now, you are probably wondering just what is so special about this particular console right?

Well, the Jaguar XJ actually has devised a way to have a dual view system inside of it.  That way, the passenger in the car can watch a movie while the driver can see the GPS.  Currently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration currently prohibits any display of entertainment in the center console; I think that the Jaguar XJ will get away with it anyway.

As far as I am concerned?  I think that the Jaguar XJ is going to be one of those cars … inside, that looks as fabulous on the outside.  Check it out though for yourself and see just how much this particular car is a dream car!

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