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29 Mar 10 Countdown to the Mini Countryman

Mini CountrymanThis picture and the information linked to it is all the result of a fortuitous leak, which forced BMW’s popular Mini division to give up the ghost and release info and pix pertaining to its brand new crossover, the Countryman.

The Mini got its unveiling at the motor show in Geneva.

It is the first of its kind in the Mini world. That is, it is the very first model to feature four doors as well as all wheel drive.

This offers more freedom in terms of capabilities and space. However, all the best characteristics of the Mini brand remain in tact.

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28 Nov 09 Come See The Brand New G-Power Typhoon X6 M!

G-Power Typhoon X6 M

This is one car that does not look like a BMW.  To me — BMW is a very status type of car and in general, they look old.  This is anything but old and you are probably wondering exactly what this car is.  Well, it is the G-Power Typhoon X6 M.  This beautiful car is not only awesome looking but it is actually one car that can go super fast — thanks to the design of it.

The G-Power Typhoon X6 M was designed with 15% increased airflow to the intercoolers, so that means that this little car’s torque is absolutely incredible.  It can get up to about 62 miles per hour in about four and a half seconds.  That is saying something right there!

If you want a fast car that also has the BMW stamp of approval on it, the G-Power Typhoon X6 M is definitely the car for you peeps!

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