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16 Feb 12 Review: 2012 Panamera by Porsche

You cannot please everyone and so the Porsche Panamera has its own critics. This sports car by Porsche is a very good choice if you love sports cars on only looking to keep on car or for those who has a supercar but wants an extra ride which is as fast for daily use.

This is so because the Porsche Panamera is a great ride if you look at the overall picture with a performance that may put to shame some of the known cars dedicated to produce monstrous horsepower. It also boasts of good space for three adults and their gears.

The 2012 MY for the Porsche Panamera gives buyers two more models to choose from with great performance delivered in varying means.

The entry level Panamera has a tag price of $75,200 which sports a V 3.6L with an output of 300 horses. The styling you will see is at par with its more expensive siblings and it is also lightning quick blasting from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in a matter of six seconds. It also has an option to go with a dual clutch gearbox and a Sport Chrono Package Plus.

On the other portion of the lineup is the S Hybrid version of the Porsche Panamera. Although this loudly say that it makes use of green technology it ought not to be left behind by conventional sports cars. It can rush from 0 to 100 in 6 seconds. Now that is one good eco friendly ride.

The models of the Panamera line up are all setup with the PDK transmission with dual clutch. This gearbox with shift while in automatic mode and be manipulated using the paddle shifters near the steering wheel if the buyer goes for the Sport Chrono package. The technology used here is amazing as the gear can be shifted faster than anyone can do using the usual conventional gearbox.

The technologies used for the the Panamera should not intimidate anyone since they are very easy to handle. The cabin of the Porsche Panamera is very elegant with sufficient space for comfortable ride. The space for your cargo too is impressive too when you fold the rear seats.

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