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18 Aug 11 Bentley’s Continental GT drop-top model to be revealed at the Frankfurt show

British automaker, Bentley Motors Limited, has only two model lines under its belt. Naturally, this information means that the entire car industry is looking forward to more models since the British brand has so much room left for expansion.

Recently, the newly revamped and redesigned version of the brand’s Continental GT has rolled out into showrooms. Now, another new model—the Continental GT Drop-Top model—is set to be revealed at the Frankfurt show this year. Of course, we all couldn’t wait to see the Speed and Flying Spur variants.

Another Bentley model, the Mulsann, has also been speculated to come up with a convertible and coupe versions some time soon. According to experts’ speculations and reports, the British carmaker is set to unveil new model lines one of which involves an SUV model. Ironically, after all the talks of expansion, it has been said that the British brand is planning to economize.

The new Bentley Continental models will have an additional 4.0-liter turbocharged V8 engine plus the optional 6.0-liter W12 twin-turbo engine. As for engine power, now official word has been released but we assume it will be somewhere between 567 horsepower. According to rumors, these models will be revealed at the Detroit Auto Show this January. Perhaps by then, we would get a clearer picture of the engine speculations along with other details pertaining to exterior and interior aspects. Let’s keep tuned to that and see what the British brand has to offer this year and the next.

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