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02 Nov 11 Bijan Rolls-Royce Phantom limited edition tagged for $1.6M

Bijan Pakzad was best known for decades as designer tapped by royalties, presidents, and celebrities if they want to dress in style. And throughout his life, the artist and car lover in him had Rolls-Royce in his heart.

Bijan passed away already but his legacy lives on as the House of Bijan recently unwrapped the line of limited edition Phantoms of luxury car marque Rolls-Royce. The car was unveiled in front of his shop in Beverly Hills where he initiated the project back in 2010.

The Drophead Coupe by Bijian comes in his own color, Bijian Yellow but the limited edition Rolls-Royce Phantoms will come in several colors. The yellow of the late designer ruled over elemetns like the hood, mirrors, wheels, and window frame. The interior of the DHC has touches of Bijan like the diamond watch on the dashboard and a picnic set stored in the Phantom’s trunk

The run of this very unique Phanotms will be limited. There will also be convertible versions of the Bijan Rolls-Royce collaboration. The tag price for the vehicle is said to go from $850,000 and may hit around $1.6 million and will most likely be attracting the interest of sheikhs from the Middle East who got their luxurious styling from the late Bijan.

One unit was already shipped to another country. The designers are projecting to do a dozen of these luxury rides.

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