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30 Jan 10 2011 Lincoln MKX Crossover — That’s My Dream Car!


Now that 2010 is here, it seems like we are constantly looking toward the future.  2011 is almost right around the corner and that is what we are going to focus on when we talk about cars!  The brand new, 2011 Lincoln MKX actually rolled out at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show just a few weeks ago and I can tell you for sure that this particular crossover is beautiful!

The 2011 Lincoln MKX Crossover has actually has gone through the biggest amount of updates and it will definitely be one of the most luxurious cross-over vehicles that is coming out.  The biggest update in this particular crossover though is the technology that is packed inside.

There is going to be MyLincoln technology, which means that a touchscreen as well as a five-way controller is all going to be in there … meaning you can control everything right from the touchscreen!  Pretty cool if you ask me!

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